About us

About us

About us

The internet is great and all, but we still need some face-to-face connection in our lives. At Whatever, we're all about helping you and your friends make IRL plans to build stronger relationships.

We know how it is to be the one stuck planning everything for the group, sending a million options and still not getting anywhere. We've been there too many times. That's why we're here to help you get your plans out of the group chat and into the real world.

Whatever was started by three friends — Mallory, Zack, and Kevin. We met during our time together at Discord and learned that even though we were helping people talk, we had all experienced differing amounts of loneliness in our personal lives.

We decided to work together to build a platform that makes it easy to bring people together in the real world to do… well, whatever you want!

Our team

Mallory Loar

CEO and Co-founder

Zack Zapasnik

CTO and Co-founder

Kevin Wilson

CDO and Co-founder



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